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The Legendary Turynn Silverleaf

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

As I shimmied up the drain pipe I wondered at the myriad of possible encounters awaiting me at the top.

With each step I took the intensity of the panic grew. They taught us to push that down, and breathe. Breathe real slow, deep, even. Contain those emotions for later.

Higher I climbed, fourth floor now, the window furthest right on the west side of the building is what they told me, and so there I am. I’m four storeys up hanging from a drainpipe outside this window. I lean over and try to take a look inside.

The room is dark. I see the latch inside and it's unlocked. I open the windows and slip inside a dark, seemingly empty bedroom.

I'm half elf on my mother's side so I've been gifted with night vision. There’s a chest of drawers and a bigger chest at the foot of the bed covered in blankets and clothing. I go for the drawers first. Some jewelry I pocket, but not much of interest.

Let’s see if the big boy is unlocked, shall we?

I lean over to move the blankets on top of the chest onto the bed and I hear people coming toward the door talking from out in the hall. I slip under the bed like the quiet little mouse that I am. to wait and watch…

“I won’t be long, just a quick scrub and some clean clothes and we’re off again,” said the man.

To blend in he wears plain brown. easily lost in a crowd.
Turynn doesn't dress flashy.

He came in carrying a bucket of steaming hot water and closed the door behind him. He promptly dumped the bucket into the wash basin and jug that stood on a table I couldn’t quite see as he stood behind screen. He started to scrub and that gave me the green light to do a little exploring.

As luck would have it he carried the key for the large chest in his pockets and I’d been able to open it.

Within the chest I found a stolen crown. I knew it in an instant. It belonged to King Wendaal Straightarm the Third. This man stole it while the king took it off after consuming too much ale at the Fall Fowl Supper he hosts for the city’s elite every Harvest Festival.

Now the decisions to be made would require some thought.

Do I return the king his crown for the offered reward which is a handsome sum of five hundred gold coins to become the Legendary Turynn Silverleaf? or do I sell the gems separately and melt the crown down to see if I can make even more and save myself the headache of fame?

I do love to smile for the people!

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