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Big News!

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

I already spilled the beans on my homepage but I'm going to say it again, I have a publisher! Dragon Soul Press has signed me to a five book deal to write Legends from the Land of Shaarn a dark epic fantasy series.

Ravak a young barbarian hunter of the Winter Wolf Clan becomes entangled in a quest to stop Graxxen a wicked, undead sorcerer from a past age bent on murdering and enslaving the people of the Land of Shaarn into his army of the dead.

It's a mix of classic high fantasy filled with all the folk we now and love from other classic high fantasy authors such as Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Faeries, Dryads, Dragons, Goblins, Ghouls, Lich and a whole lot more interesting and fun creatures to adventure with!

Book One: Awakening introduces us to most of the main characters we'll meet throughout the series. We see the protagonist, Ravak, come of age and learn to fight for what he believes to be right.

We are also introduced to the goblins, who are under the control of Graxxen the antagonist in the story. The goblins are what you'd expect from a creepy little hordeling monster, they're short, green, snaggle toothed, and they 're evil by nature. Worst of all, there's more than a million of them crammed into the tiny Goblin Kingdoms in the Land of Shaarn. They breed like rabbits and fight not only external enemies but amongst themselves. The goblins in Shaarn are really the evil counterpart to the the barbaric clans of the Great Northern Plains, whom we are also introduced to.

The barbarians of Shaarn are not evil by nature although they spent a great deal of time in a past age conquering and subjugating the people of Shaarn. They have since become slightly more enlightened and come to the realization that subjugation and conquering simply for the sake of it are morally depraved ways to run their society.

I like to sprinkle color for my fantasy world like salt and pepper so between the chapters, here and there, I've added little tidbits of lore to give the reader even more insight into the biology, history and mythology of the Land of Shaarn.

The biology of Shaarn is drawn heavily from my experiences hiking the forests and prairies of my home province of Saskatchewan. The mythology is based on the Norse mythos with the names changed and the stories altered to fit my narrative. I've also drawn heavily on Norse and Swedish folklore. I am 1/7th Swedish on my mother's side and have always loved the stories associated with Norse Mythology, it fits well into my vision of the ultimate fantasy realm.

I hope that once this five book series is completed, either Dragon Soul Press or another publisher will allow me to continue to write about the Land of Shaarn as it ages and evolves.

I have many more story notes to draw from and I'd like to write novels that tell the history of Shaarn as a continent on the planet of Midgaard, showing it's evolution from primitive society, right through to a futuristic land where magic and technology combine into what I've named Technomancy.

The Land of Shaarn is the central realm the books will be focused on, but the planet of Midgaard, while smaller than Earth still supports as of yet undiscovered continents that the Shaarnites will discover as Legends from the Land of Shaarn unfolds. The first five book series is just the beginning.

I hope you'll enjoy reading my novels as much as I've enjoyed creating this fantasy world and i hope you grow to love the characters as much as I do as they grow and change throughout the years of the Generations War against Graxxen the dark Lich King and beyond!

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